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What’s the Best Day to Put Your Home on the Market?

Friday, June 3, 2022   /   by Laura Larson

What’s the Best Day to Put Your Home on the Market?

When it comes to real estate, sellers don’t want to leave anything to chance, including what day they list their home on the market. So real estate experts analyzed a sample of 100,000 houses sold in 2017 and the results are in. To sell for the most money, you should put your house on the market on a Wednesday. To sell the fastest, list on a Thursday. Avoid Sunday, which is the worst day to list to attract buyers.

Because homes listed on Sunday perform the worst, we used Sunday as a baseline to compare how much better homes do when listed on the other days of the week.

Wednesday’s Price Advantage
Houses listed on Wednesday had an advantage of $2,023 in sale price over houses listed on a Sunday, a sale-to-list premium of
0.53 percent. For a $500,000 house, that means you could make $2,650 more just by listing on a Wednesday instead of a Sunday.

Thursday’s Speed and Certainty Advantage
For speed, Thursday had a clear advantage, with Thursday-listed homes finding buyers five days faster than the baseline. Houses listed on Thursday also had the edge as far as being more likely to be sold within 90 and 180 days.
There isn’t one clear reason why Wednesday outperforms on price, while Thursday wins on speed and certainty. Possible explanations include that agents who list on Wednesdays tend to be better at pricing strategically to command the best price, or that in this fast-paced, low-inventory market, there’s simply a sweet spot for garnering the maximum sense of urgency and competition among eager homebuyers. Another theory is that the advantage of Wednesday and Thursday simply correlates to buyers’ house hunting schedules.

Make your house a fresh listing
“Motivated buyers start planning their weekend house-hunting activities late in the week,” said Laura Larson an experienced and knowledgeable broker in Northern Virginia. “It is important for your property to be amongst the fresh listings these motivated buyers will see when they are deciding which homes to tour over the weekend. In competitive markets such as Northern Virginia, many homes are listed on Wednesday and Thursday with the expectation that buyers will see homes over the weekend, submit offers by a Monday deadline and be under contract by Tuesday.”

Plan the Perfect Debut
Homes get five times more online views the day they hit the market than they do a week later, so making a positive online debut is critical. “That's why it’s so important to price the home right from the get-go,” says Laura.

Professional Photography Can Sell the Home
Besides pricing right, professional photography is another way to optimize your home sale. Homes with photos taken with professional cameras tend to fetch more money and sell faster. Sellers who used a high-quality camera for their listing photos got an average of $3,400 more for their homes.
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