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Three Typical Moving Nightmares (and How to Prevent Them)

Friday, September 23, 2022   /   by Laura Larson

Three Typical Moving Nightmares (and How to Prevent Them)

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Moving doesn't have to be a nightmare you wake up from. Moving could top the list of stressful situations that can make you feel like you're in a nightmare that, if you don't take precautions, could easily come true.

Every step of the moving process can encounter issues, but there are three main types of moving nightmares. Here is how they usually go as well as advice on how to avoid them.

Poorly organized
There are many loose ends to move, and even the smallest error might have severe effects.

Packing chaos: You discover that you've packed more stuff than you and the movers had originally agreed upon, and some of them cannot be placed onto the moving truck. Or perhaps you don't properly mark the boxes. What's worse is that you might not be prepared when the movers show up. All of these packing errors cost time and money.

Furniture troubles: If your heavy furniture won't go through the doors, you might have to leave priceless items behind or hire a hoist, which will be expensive and cause a delay in your move.

Utility and paperwork problems. On the day of your move-in, you won't have electricity, gas, or water if you forget to transfer the utilities. Mail won't be delivered to your new residence if you forget to update your address. You will be punished if you don't timely update your driver's license and vehicle registration. You will undoubtedly go into trouble if you don't properly handle your documents.

Overspending. You'll pay far more than you anticipated if you hire movers at the last minute, need too many extra services, don't make a moving budget, or pack everything without first organizing it.

Safety concerns. The worst thing that may happen during your relocation is getting hurt, so do all in your power to avoid accidents and injuries on moving days

The easiest approach to avoid issues when moving is to meticulously plan every step of your relocation experience and always be one step ahead.

Traffic problems
Road accidents or heavy traffic can also make moving a genuine misery.

Traffic jams: There might not be enough time to complete your relocation as anticipated because the moving vehicle is running late. You might need to move the appointment to another day.

Traffic accidents: The moving truck will have to wait until the damaged vehicles are removed and regular traffic is resumed if there has been an accident on the route. However, if the moving truck collides, catches fire, or becomes stuck somewhere due to bad weather, you can lose all of your things or receive them severely damaged. It's even possible for burglars to enter the car and take your possessions.

Breakdown: You will need to wait for the moving company to send another vehicle if the moving truck breaks down on the highway. Additionally, it's simple for your stuff to be damaged during the transfer.

Parking issues.  Either the movers must park far from the entrance of your home, or the moving truck must circle the area for hours until a suitable parking space becomes available. You will not only waste valuable time in these situations, but you will also have to pay an additional price for the delay or an additional long-carry fee.

Of course, there is little you can do to stop traffic mishaps or mechanical failures. However, you may at least book a parking space in front of your old and new residences, and select a moving company with skilled drivers and a large fleet of well-maintained moving trucks.

Misleading movers
Numerous moving horror stories feature dishonest or inexperienced movers.

The movers either arrive too late or not at all: The scheduled arrival time passes without a moving truck showing up, though. No matter what justifications you hear, the ultimate outcome will be a lot of stress and lost time.

The movers are incompetent or careless: Your move could rapidly become a nightmare if your movers are unprepared or show up late to handle your items securely and effectively.

The movers are con men: In the worst instance, relocating scams might succeed in taking advantage of you. On the basis of supposed extra services, dishonest movers frequently demand significantly more money than was first agreed upon. They might also take your more pricey possessions and throw away the remainder, or they might hold your goods hostage until you pay an additional "cost" as ransom.

The good news is that preventing such nightmares is simple. All you have to do is thoroughly vet your potential movers before choosing them to make sure you're working with qualified experts you can rely on. Additionally, it makes sense to get the proper insurance for your possessions, just in case.