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Regain Your Garage: Simple Tricks for Getting Organized

Friday, August 19, 2022   /   by Laura Larson

Regain Your Garage: Simple Tricks for Getting Organized

The answer might be right there in your garage if your house is overflowing with stuff or you just don't have enough storage space. However, you must first control the existing chaos in this area if you want to use it to its full potential.

Fortunately, if you use a few smart storage strategies, this chore is fairly easy. Your garage can be converted from a disorganized catch-all to an effective, well-organized home annex with some careful design and work.

Divide and conquer
Get rid of anything you aren't using right away. Sort the items in your garage into groups when you've narrowed it down. Sports equipment should be kept with sports equipment and gardening tools with gardening tools. Store items that are frequently used together.

Put related goods in transparent plastic containers with lids whenever you can. Using opaque containers is acceptable as long as each one is clearly marked. Containers that stack well are particularly useful. They reduce visual clutter, keep your possessions tidy, guard against pests like rats and insects, and enhance the amount of usable floor space.

What goes where?
The careful, strategic placement of stored objects is a key component of effective space utilization. Are there specific products, like cleaning supplies, that you might require frequently? If necessary, keep them close to the door so you can quickly and easily get to them. Store seasonal or infrequently used items in difficult-to-reach places, such as sleds and skis.

Off the wall
Getting items off the floor is essential for organizing and storing them in the garage. Making use of wall space allows you to pack the most into your garage while keeping everything accessible and visible. Depending on your storage requirements, project budget, and personal tastes, you can choose different types of wall storage. The following storage solutions are popular choices among homeowners.

- Pegboard. Pegboard has been popular for decades and is inexpensive and simple to set up. As long as the item being stored isn't too heavy, pegboard can be used to store and organize just about anything because it can be equipped with a variety of appropriate hooks, clamps, bins, and shelves.

- Open shelving. Open shelves, whether they come in the form of a wall-mounted track system or a collection of standalone units, are inexpensive, adaptable, and user-friendly. They also keep everything in plain sight. Additionally, 12- or 16-inch-deep shelves can often support heavier objects depending on how they were built.

- Closed cabinetry. Cabinets with doors can be the best choice if you intend to park your car in the garage because they save you from having to pass paint cans and trash bags every time you leave or come home. Although cabinets come in a huge variety of materials and designs, they are typically more expensive than other options. Cabinets are most useful when combined with another storage solution because they cannot hold very large objects on their own.

- Panelized systems. Here, entire walls are covered with panels that have been expressly created to house a variety of auxiliary accessories, including hooks and shelves. Panelized systems, as opposed to pegboards, may support heavier objects. However, that power and usefulness come at a price, particularly since certain proprietary items call for professional installation.

The ceiling offers great, out-of-the-way storage space for some rarely used items. Here, ladders and seasonal equipment can be stored and hung from ceiling joists using clips or straps. Hoist pulley systems, which cleverly function like the ropes on window blinds, are another option. But keep in mind that ceiling storage needs to be placed so that it doesn't obstruct the garage door's movement.

Safety steps
Organizing your garage should take safety into consideration. Gasoline and propane shouldn't be kept in the garage since even a small spark could cause serious harm.

In the same way, you should keep dangerous substances like pesticides and fertilizer out of the reach of kids and dogs if you have them. These hazardous products can be safely stored in locked cabinets, which are also a practical location for keeping sharp objects and power equipment.