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Preparing Your House For Sale? Work with a trusted Realtor for Professional Guidance

Friday, September 16, 2022   /   by Laura Larson

Preparing Your House For Sale? Work with a trusted Realtor for Professional Guidance

Many homeowners wonder what, if anything, needs to be renovated before they sell their home in a market that is changing as quickly as it is right now. An experienced real estate agent can help in this situation. They can assist you in considering the current market conditions and how they affect what you should and shouldn't do in order to prepare your home for sale.

Here are some things an expert will advise you to think about.

Your local market: What You Need to Know
Today's purchasers have more alternatives than they did a year ago since there are more properties for sale this year than there were in previous years. That can mean you can't put off some of the fixes or aesthetic improvements you might have put off in earlier months. According to a recent story: "Sellers should make their house appealing to buyers to stand out in the market, which typically requires some selective improvements."

The crucial word here is selective. Given that it's still a sellers' market, concentrating on a few essential features could be sufficient to set your home apart from the competition. Additionally, given the overall low level of availability, it's feasible that purchasers will be willing to take on the modifications themselves after they move in. It all depends on customer demand and the available inventory in your location. Consult a professional for guidance on what is happening in your market and what you should do to make your home show well.

- Vinyl Siding - 82%
- Garage Door - 100%
- Roofing - 100% 
- Upgrading Insulation - 100%
- New Wood Flooring - 118% 
- Refinishing Hardwoods - 147%

Once more, your best resource is a real estate advisor. When your agent visits your home for a consultation and walkthrough, they'll use their knowledge to provide any advice on what you might need to fix, replace, or refinish. They may also point you in the correct direction by letting you know what other sellers are doing to prepare their houses for sale and how buyers are responding to those improvements. According to Dr. Jessica Lautz, Vice President of NAR's Demographics and Behavioral Insights: "The winner this year was hardwood flooring. The most notable value was in repairing hardwood floors and installing new wood flooring. . .”

How To Make Your Upgrades Stand Out to Buyers
Make sure your real estate expert is informed about any projects you have already finished or that you plan to complete before listing. They can identify any improvements in your listing, so they're not only a resource to help you decide where to concentrate your efforts. Potential buyers will then be aware of any aspects that might persuade them to purchase the home.

No matter what, speak with a local real estate specialist for guidance on what has to be fixed and how to make it as desirable to potential buyers as feasible. Every house is unique, so speaking with your agent is essential to ensuring that you sell your home in the best possible way.

Bottom Line
It's crucial to use your time and money carefully while preparing to move in today's volatile market. Before you sell, consult Laura Larson to determine where to concentrate your efforts and get the best return on your investment.