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6 Ways to Enjoy Your Outdoor Space at Home

Friday, July 22, 2022   /   by Laura Larson

6 Ways to Enjoy Your Outdoor Space at Home

As warm weather kicks into gear, let these tips inspire you to get the full benefit of your backyard.

1. Create a relaxing outdoor area.
Are you trying to recreate a special beach vacation? Set up an outdoor lounge area on your patio or in the yard to give your outdoor space a tropical flavor. You can look through outdoor sectionals, hammocks, chaise lounges, and other furniture on the internet or make your own, such as a custom outdoor lounge bed. A platform bed frame, a futon mattress, and outdoor fabric to cover it are all you need to finish this project. Put some outside pillows on top for more comfort and style (if you're not good with the sewing machine, this would be a simple chore for a local upholsterer to take on). Add some side tables, a few candles, and perhaps a bottle of wine to your lounge to finish it off and create that welcoming atmosphere.

2. DIY cinema outdoors
A projector, a white sheet that can be tautly mounted on a flat surface (a shed or siding on your apartment patio would do just fine), and your phone to play movies, TV episodes, or whatever else you're binging these days are all you need to recreate a movie theater experience in your own backyard.

Do not have a projector? Making one with a shoe box, some cardboard, and a magnifying lens is surprisingly easy. Gather your favorite patio furniture or arrange your outside cushions, pour some popcorn, and watch a movie while the crickets chirp in the distance.

3. Create a bar outside.
Why not designate a location for libations in your outdoor area since there is no shorter commute than from your own property? You can, of course, purchase a bar online, transform an old desk or table, or even get crafty and build one yourself out of cinder blocks, concrete adhesive, and a few 1 x 6 boards.

To recreate the atmosphere of your favorite bar at home, gather your Bluetooth speaker, your favorite cocktail components, and a few glasses. The options include bars that will fit in the most minor outdoor settings.

4. Beautify a shed or a barn
Although a barn or shed is a functional building, that doesn't imply it has to be ugly. Give it a facelift by painting it a striking color, adding shutters, placing flower boxes, laying a stone path, or even hanging lights to brighten up that unused rear area.

5. DIY fireplace
The campfire, which is everyone's favorite camping activity, doesn't have to be missed if a camping trip takes up too much of your free time. Seven simple steps can be used to build a DIY fire pit for your backyard, and all of the materials are available at your neighborhood home improvement store. Not much of a DIYer? You can always get a prefabricated fire bowl that works just as well to provide that toasty, inviting campfire glow. In order to find the finest practices in your area, be sure to research local burn prohibitions and rules.

6. Create a location for outdoor eating
Perhaps you've improved greatly as a cook at home in recent years. Make your patio or backyard a destination for al fresco dining to spice up nights spent at home a little. To enhance your nighttime meals, set up an outdoor rug, hang a strand of lights, or make your own outdoor chandelier in addition to an outdoor dining table and chairs.