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4 DIY Projects You Can Complete With The Help of Your Little Ones

Friday, August 26, 2022   /   by Laura Larson

4 DIY Projects You Can Complete With The Help of Your Little Ones

Cleaning up your area and making sure that your children are not climbing the newly painted walls at the same time is a win-win situation. You can keep your children occupied while giving your house some TLC with easy to get supplies you can order online and using the tools you probably already own.

In this blog, you'll find five do-it-yourself projects to spruce up your house and give your kids something to do in their free time.

Raised garden beds
Many homeowners seem to be jumping on the gardening bandwagon. A garden provides you and your family with fresh vegetables while also serving as an outdoor classroom, teaching the kids some knowledge on botany as well as improving their mental and physical health.

Raised garden beds make it easier to manage plants and are a very simple job for kids to help with. All you require to construct a 4 by 4 raised garden bed is the following:
- Eight 4-foot-long 2x4s (untreated)
- Four 12-inch 44 corner posts (untreated)
- 4-inch wood screws packaged in a box
- A drill

As you drill, have your older child hold the boards firmly in place. Kids will be encouraged to help you choose a sunny location in the backyard for the raised garden bed, pour the dirt, and help you plant your vegetables or flowers.

Mailbox makeover
Give the mailman something to grin about when they deliver your mail by bringing some color to your mailbox. Kids who can comfortably wear a face mask and use spray paint are the best candidates for this activity. You will require these materials to give your mailbox a facelift:
- Medium-grit sanding cloth
- Safeguarding masks
- Tape for painting
- Metal primer
- Spray paint for metal.

Birds certainly enjoy having a safe place to land and feed in their backyard. It's fun for the whole family to watch them come and leave. You may use a pre-cut birdhouse kit (which you can get online from most home improvement stores), or cut the pieces out of a 2x6 or even an old fence post. Give the visiting birds a one-of-a-kind home by having the older kids help you build the birdhouse and allowing the little ones to decorate it.

Update your bathroom drawer pulls.
You'd be surprised to see the impact of updating your bathroom vanity's drawer knobs. This low-cost DIY project can be finished quickly and is ideal for small hands that can grasp the hardware while you use the screwdriver.

New drawer knobs and a screwdriver are all you need for this project. Have your children gather all of the old parts into one pile and pass you the screws and new drawer knobs while you remove the old ones.

Bottom Line
Engage your children in easy chores to improve your home outlook, if you are considering selling contact Laura Larson who will be able to provide additional tips and help you sell your home for top dollar and without hassle.