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10 Simple Curb Appeal Projects You Can Complete in One Weekend or Less

Friday, September 30, 2022   /   by Laura Larson

10 Simple Curb Appeal Projects You Can Complete in One Weekend or Less


It's important to have good curb appeal, which is the initial impression your house gives to a passerby. When selling a home, curb appeal draws potential purchasers. It also makes your home so much more enjoyable if you're keeping it. Here are some fast tips for improving the curb appeal of your property on a tight budget. The best part is that you can complete any of these quick and easy projects in a weekend. Because we've all seen so many home improvement programs, we all enjoy quick yet dramatic home changes, so let's get started!

1. Paint your front door
The simplest approach to changing the outside of your house is to do this. Choose a bold, surprising color like red, yellow, or orange that contrasts with the existing hues in your home and acts as an exclamation point of hot color for the most dramatic makeover. Are you alarmed by the thought of a lime green door? Paint the door a color that complements the current colors in your house for a more subtle alteration. Or, if you're planning to sell your house soon, think about a door shade that can raise the asking price. This task may be completed in a few hours for the price of paint can, a brush, and some painter's tape.

2. Hanging baskets and potted plants.
Particularly when you aren't planting them in the ground, plants may quickly transform an area. Place some colorful planters next to your front entrance. Additionally, hang plants in baskets from the porch's ceiling. To add additional levels of greenery, you may also place plant containers on the stairs. Make sure to select plants for your front yard that will flourish with the available light. Bonus points if you select containers that complement your freshly painted, vibrant front door.

Pro tip: Check local thrift shops or internet marketplaces for old planters. Planters and flower pots lose value faster than new cars, so buying old can save you money.

3. Display window boxes
Give your home's exterior life by filling window boxes with luxuriant plants that flow over the sides. You can't go wrong adding extra plants because they make for such an easy and economical transformation.

4. Show your lawn some love.
Your front lawn is the biggest and most precious plant you own. The value of your property can increase by thousands of dollars with a well-landscaped lawn, but regular maintenance is essential. Fescue, zoysia, and centipede are just a few of the species of grass, and knowing which one you have will help you take the best care of it as some require more fertilizer than others. In order to ensure that your grass receives the nutrients it needs to be green and is not battling weeds, you might also want to apply a weed-and-feed treatment to it.

Pro Tip: Spread grass seed and water it for a few days until it sprouts and fills the bald parts in your yard if it has any thin or bare patches and resodding is out of your price range.

5. Boost the entrance porch
Make sure your front porch is tidy and cheerful because it contributes significantly to the appearance of your house. For a tiny porch, add a single, vibrant accent chair; for a larger porch, add an area rug and a set of patio chairs. Hang a porch swing if your porch is large enough and your home is classic. Finally, if the porch floor appears worn, repaint or refinish it. You want the porch to feel like a well-kept, inviting outdoor room.

Pro Tip: Check online auction sites or your neighborhood thrift shop for used swings and furnishings. With a can of spray paint, you can upgrade it if it's damaged.

6. Replace the house numbers.
It's as simple as hanging some fresh art. Choose numbers that complement the design of your home, such as Talavera tile numbers for a Spanish or Mediterranean-style house, modernist metal numbers for a mid-century modern home, or antique brass numbers for a more conventional home. You can either affix them to the house directly or put them on a plaque that hangs on the house. There will be a significant and immediate change.

7. Improve your sidewalk
Do you have a worn-out cement sidewalk leading up to your door? Tiles made of natural stone or less expensive pavers can be used to cover them. The pavers or tiles can be laid directly on top of the cement. You can complete this project if you find good instruction and have a little bit of experience.

8. Keep an eye on the driveway
Your driveway occupies a sizable portion of your front yard; therefore, it requires repair if it's dirty or damaged. Power wash off the dirt. Make repairs to the driveway if it has cracks. For asphalt drives, you can use a rubberized crack filler, or you can mix up a batch of fast concrete to fix the cracks in concrete drives. After the repairs are finished, apply an asphalt sealer or concrete sealer.

9. Power-wash everything
Sometimes all it takes to improve curb appeal is a thorough cleaning of your home's exterior. Hire a power washer to clean your siding, shutters, walkway, porch steps, driveway, and porch floor of dirt, mildew, and cobwebs. You'll be astonished at how much fun a power washer is to use, and your house will dazzle as a result.

Pro Tip: Use a plant-safe cleaner in the power washer to prevent overspray from harming your foundation plantings.

10. Transform your mailbox.
Does your mailbox appear to be damaged? Install a new one or give it a fresh coat of paint. Consider adding a mailbox garden to your mailbox makeover project if it is mounted on a pole by the curb. For immediate improvement, plant medium-sized, blooming plants. For the ultimate transformation, grow a vine that will twine up the post and onto the mailbox.

Pro Tip: Mandevilla, clematis, and sweet pea vine are excellent climbing plants for mailboxes.